Step 1. Get to know Helpster
Helpster is a non-profit association based in Estonia, Europe. It was founded by a heart-driven team of IT-specialists for the purpose of developing a high-tech charity platform for effective and transparent life-saving.

Mobile application Helpster on iOS & Android is going to be the leading source of donations and history tracking.
Here what you should do:

1. Read information on the website
2. Download the testing version of the Helpster mobile application:
Please note, if you don’t have pre-installed application TestFlight by Apple you will be asked to download it first.
(Apple smartphones)
Google play
(Android smarphones)
Step 2. Understand your role
We have the following roles in our offline network system:
Regular Official Volunteer
A volunteer who signed our Volunteer Agreement. This is not a job and it does not put obligations on the Volunteer and does not imply wages/salaries. The volunteer work is done only for free, only in their free time and only for the only purpose of helping children. We can provide some compensations for transfers, print-outs, etc if agreed in advance and if they are transparent.

Regular Unofficial Volunteer
A volunteer who doesn’t want to sign our Volunteer Agreement. This is not a job and it does not put obligations on the volunteer and does not imply wages/salaries. The volunteer work is done only in their free time and for the only purpose of helping children. We cannot provide compensations for transfers, print-outs, etc

Helpster Country Manager (1 per country)
An actual job role with a contract and salary. This role implies all communications & procedures within a country. If you want to apply for the role please send your CV with a Motivation letter and your minimum salary expectations to the email address:

Government or private hospitals that treat children on a good level and with fair prices. Sigining of Memorandum of Undertanding is the first step and is very important. Hospitals must: accept SWIFT payments from abroad; provide us promptly with needed paperwork for treatment; be transparent and trusthwothy; have an appointed representative for Helpster program; have access to PC/laptop, printer, smartphone, phone, bank account; be able to provide us with reports and content regarding our Helpster children. We can work with deposits and postpayments. A hoshital can present their children for the Helpster program as well

Charity organizations
This is an official partnership with signed agreements free of any money transfers from the both sides. Helpster pays only directly to trusted hospitals. Charity organizations scout for children with medical needs, lend a hand with hospital interactions during and after treatment, and give their support during the treatment and after treatment process. The partnership may be used for publicity and reputations matters.
Step 3. Volunteer compensations
It is crucial for a Helpster Volunteer to accept: Helpster is a 100% transparent Charity Organization.

Only official bills from Helpster partner hospitals, healthcare insurance companies and pharmacies are included into the Helpster patient’s fundraising budget. We provide Helpster donors with all the possible evidence of what services each particular child has received. It means that Volunteers’ expenses are wholly reimbursed out of the pockets of the Helpster team.

We are not willing to undermine the intrinsic motivation of Volunteers with any monetary rewards.
1. We cannot and will not support any scam or untrustworthy schemes like kickbacks or non-existing cases. We may organize incognito revisions and checkups on any Partner of Helpster (including Hospitals)
2. We will not agree on the compensation after the event has happened
3. We may ask for the tickets and the bills that prove a Helpster Volunteer expenses (in terms of Helpster-related activities)
4. A Volunteer must increase the effectiveness if compensation is granted
How to apply for the compensation:
1. Text a Helpster Representative in contact in advance explaining what kind of compensation you need, how much and what for. Please provide justification.
2. Wait for the Helpster representative to approve or disapprove the compensation
3. If your compensation is approved provide the bank details (if asked by the Helpster representative)
4. Inform the Helpster representative that you have received the money
5. Spend the money only on the activities it was agreed for
6. Present the bills and the receipts if possible
7. Increase your effectiveness and contribution into the Helpster Program
We accept compensation requests on the following:
1. Printouts & Internet connection
2. Transportation
3. Launches only if the whole day is spent for the sake of Helpster patients (no breakfasts or dinners)
We wish that Volunteering was purely an altruistic desire to commit into society.
Please note:
Step 4. Setting up relationships with hospitals in your region
As a volunteer or charity organization you should start with thinking of where you would like to operate. Please take into consideration where you live, where you will be finding children in need of vital healtcare and if it is convenient for your logistics. Try to think of locations close to your home or work or where you have strong connections.
1. Set up a location you will work on with children
2. Pick up a hospital with reasonable prices and services that you trust or your friends trust and that is not far from the location of children
3. Go to the Hospital (better with a printout of Introduction letter and other Helpster paperwork)
4. Ask for a hospital’s charity manager, administrative manager or a person in charge Present Helpster and yourself and ask if they are interested in becoming a Helpster partner. If the answer is positive, take contacts (name, phone number, email) of the hospital representative and ask them to send us documents:

- Hospital registration certificates
- Licenses
- General price list
- Other information that they consider to be relevant.
Report to Yuliya all the information and be ready to speed up the communications if needed

You should also get to know all actual partner hospitals of Helpster in your region for emergency cases.
Here is what you can do to:
Step 5. Finding children for Helpster
If you know where to spot children that cannot afford healthcare services but need them urgently, that’s great! If you have no idea how find such children, please do the following:
Point out poor neighborhoods in the location you have chosen (close to your work, home etc.)
Print out 5 Helpster posters (only if possible) and write down your own contacts on them
Go to local representatives in the communities & neighbourhoods of choice
Present Helpster, ask where the children in need are likely to frequent. Hand out a Helpster poster
Go to rural schools or other places of childrens’ gatherings
Talk to teachers, spot sick children if any. Hand out a Helpster poster
Go to local charity organizations. Present Helpster, ask if they are willing to help us with saving children. Hand out a Helpster poster
Make sure you answer all the phone calls and read all the emails not to miss an opportunity to help a child
Step 6. Decide if the case fits for the Helpster program
When you meet a child with medical needs, the first thing you shall do is to seek first to understand if he or she can be accepted for the Helpster program. Below are the main requirements:
1. Costs for one-time treatment should be no more than 5 000 USD per a child (better to keep it below 3 000 USD)

2. Age is between 0 and 18 years old

3. Chronic diseases are accepted if medical care is vital and if it brings a chance of having a normal life (example: sickle cell anemia, dangerous types of diabetics etc.)

4. Cases that need a surgery or vital medication, including urgent ones (such as appendicitis, malaria etc.), are accepted and preferred

5. Rightful guardians must be of low income which is not enough to pay for hospital bills
Accepted cases
1. Childed with a palliative status ( are not accepted

2. Chronic diseases are not accepted if medical care is not vital (example: сhronical bronchitis, hypertension etc. )

3. Minor health problems are not accepted (scratches, bruises, regular cold etc.)

4. There must be a way to take photos and video of the child, or else the case is not accepted
Not accepted cases
Parents must be willing to provide all the information about the child and sign Parent Consent to Pass Personal Data and the Consent to Disclose Health Information
Step 7. Collect information about a child
When you meet a child that fits the Helpster program, please make sure that you take printed consents with you and follow the next steps:
Ask the guardians about the child:

1. Describe your child’s charachter (hobbies, personality, dreams)
Write down the information.
2. Tell us ablout the health problem that you face (when started, what happened, how it affects the life of your child)?
Write down the information.
Catherine is a brilliant girl who lives with her brother and other 3 siblings in the Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. According to the brother, the young one developed respiratory problems at the age of 6 months. She is always on medication and close monitor by a doctor. Since the death of their parents, Catherine's brother have taken the initiative of taking Сatherine to hospital and taking care of treatment cost despite his meagre wages. If Helpster Heroes can help in the treatment plan of this young girl, she will live to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse and the brother will channel the little he earns to other basic needs for the family.
Respiratory problems
3. Do you and your child have national IDs? Take good quality pichtures of the IDs. If there is no ID ask for the birth date and the full name.
4. Have you been to a doctor? What did he say? or Why haven’t you been to a doctor? Write down the information
Сatherine has been diagnosed asthma by Mother Kevin Hospital and has asthma attacks. She needs medications and nebulization every month to keep her safe.
5. Are you able to get to the Hospital by yourselves?
Write down the answers
6. Write down the actual address, the phone number, and the email address of the child's guardian.
Write down the information
7. Ask the guardian to fill in and sign both Consents
8. Take not less than 5 pictures of the child:

- Make sure that your camera is stable and the quality is sufficient
- Ask the child to smile if that is possible
- Take a few pictures in full height and a few portraits
9. Make a video of the child:

- Make sure the video is at least 15 seconds and of good quality
- Better taken with a positive vibe where the child is dancing, playing or interacts with you or someone else.
* Note that If the child is very sick to capture the surroundings, it’s also fine.

- It is OK to take in some surrounding in the video
- In the video please capture the health problem if possible
Make sure that the child has rightful guardians. Make an actual contact with them. If a child is an orphan living on the streets, you will be the main point of contact then.
Step 8. Present information to Helpster
As soon as all the information and media is collected, please deliver it to us using the following steps:
1. Install WhatsApp or Telegram messenger if you don’t have any of them on your phone. Go to Google Play or App Store and type in the search box “telegram” or “whatsapp”. Install and then open a chosen application on your phone to register using your phone number.
2. Fill in the information about the case using a smartphone (preferably), laptop or PC with internet connection. Use this link every time you have to send us a case:
3. After the case is submitted there will be a success window with a link leading to Telegram ( or WhatsApp ( Please open it, attach at least 3-5 photos and 1 video and send. No need to write down anything
Make sure to point out if the patient has a chronic desease in “Volunteer’s comment” column
Step 9. Get approval from Helpster
Helpster representative will contact you regarding the case. We might ask to re-take photos or videos or ask for additional information.
Exceptions might be made in emergency situations. If there is an actual threat to the child’s life and there is no time to wait, then we suggest that you call the Ambulance
DO NOT send a child to a hospital before getting an official approval from Helpster.
Make sure to send the child to a partner Hospital of Helpster. If you can go together with the child on the Amblulance then do so
Send a message to a representative of our team and tell what happened
Contact the hospital to warn them that this particular child is going under the Helpster Program
Step 10. Appointment to a hospital
After submitting and getting approval we will appoint a hospital to the case. This is the logic we will use for that:
After the hospital is appointed, you should:
A child can be appointed only to a partner hospital of Helpster

Hospital should be as close as possible to the patient

Hospital should have the facilities to provide the child with needed medical treatment.
For example:
if there is a problem with eyes, the appointed hospital should have an ophthalmology department or a doctor.
1. Book a visit to the hospital

2. Provide us and the guardians with this information

3. Make sure everything is settled up and ready for treatment
Helpster does not normally pays for patients’ transportation or meals

They must proceed on their own, exceptions made very rarely. Please report if guardians decline to do so to the Helpster team.
Step 11.
Control the treatment process
Together we should make sure that everything goes smoothly in the hospital.
1. Any form of harassment is unacceptable. Hospital staff should treat our patients, volunteers and partners with respect and kindness

2. Make sure that doctors do only what is truly needed to be done. Try to block any unnessesary or unexisting services that they might want to apply to the bill

3. If anything goes wrong, contact our team as soon as possible and tell what happened

4. Make phone calls to the guardians of the child and to the hospital if needed
If a patient from the Helpster Program has to make a first visit for examinations and a teatment plan, please make sure that the doctors do everything possible to get the diagnosis and the treatment plan during this first visit
If a hospital can send the documents directly to Helpster - it’s great! If not, please make photos or scans of the plan of treatment, medical examination results and the invoice for the visit from the hospital or parents
Send scans or photos of these documents using Telegram to
Help to book another appointment for the patient with the hospital if needed. For example: for surgery, for medications etc.
Step 12. Collect reports after the treatment is finished
If hospitals provide the bills and reports automatically, it’s great and no need to take photos or scans of them.
If not, there are a few options to collect the documents:

1. Ask the hospital to email scans

2. Go to the hospital and take photos/scans of the documents in good quality

3. Get the documents from the parents/guardians

4. Send all documents to Telegram chat or the WhatsApp chat or to a Helpster representative
Collect information from the Helpster patient and his guardians / parents:

1. During a phone call or personal visit ask the child and the parent how everything went at the hospital. Write down the summary

2. During a phone call or personal visit ask the child how he feels right now. Write down the answers

3. Make 2-5 photos of the child in person or ask parent to send them to you. If possible take positive vibe photos.
4. Make 1 video of the child for at least 15 seconds or ask the parent to send them to you. The video must reflect a child's health condition and visible medical manipulations (try to record it with positive vibes)
5. Send all the text information to Helpster using this form:

6. After completing the form send all the photos and videos to Helpster Telegram chat or WhatsApp chat
When the treatment is finished, meaning that our Helpster patient is ready to leave the hospital after receiving all the needed medical care. The hospital must issue all the closing documents on it’s treatment.
In this case please take the following steps:

1. Reports must be done every month anyway

2. In case parents have a smartphone with a sufficient camera and the internet connection, you can ask them to send reports themselves to you or using the form above, including Hospital’s paperwork and new photos and videos.

3. If there is no need for a child to receive treatment any longer, please make sure to report it to a Helpster representative
if a helpster patient has a chronic desease and needs reccuring monthly treatment. As per STEP 5 some chronic diseases are eligible for the Helpster program. It means that such children probably need vital medications every month. We can provide a child with a 1 month stock. Renewed monthly.
Step 13
Get good emotions.
We saved a life!
We are so proud of you! We really are!

Every report, every case is been counted down by us.
We are designing an achievement program for Helpster Volunteers and Partners to motivate and show appreciation those who are most productive.

Nice job and keep saving more lives, Hero!
Your Helpster Team