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Our projects
At Helpster, we are a dedicated non-profit organization committed to improving the access and affordability of vital healthcare for children in need. Our mission is carried out through two core projects:
Funding vital basic healthcare and Free Medical Outreach.

Each project reflects our multifaceted approach to achieving our goals; we believe in not only providing immediate help but also sustaining long-term health outcomes through education and outreach.
Funding Vital Basic Healthcare
Our mission would be unachievable without the support of our donors, volunteers, and partners. With the use of an app, Helpster enables children to get the medical treatment they need. We connect donors with children requiring urgent healthcare, keeping transparency and empathy at our core. By validating each case and hospital, we ensure that funds raised go directly to genuine and deserving cases.

The app acts as a bridge, ensuring a lesser burden on families already distressed with the wellbeing of their child. With just a few clicks, our donors make a difference and change lives, giving children a fighting chance against diseases and conditions that would otherwise be insurmountable.
Free Medical Outreach
To tackle the issue of inaccessible healthcare in remote areas, Helpster operates a Free Medical Outreach program. Partnering with hospitals and other non-profit organizations, we conduct tours to different hard-to-reach areas to provide basic medical care.

Our dedicated volunteers, medical and non-medical, travel to these regions, providing not only treatments but also running educational lectures for the communities. These are aimed at promoting preventive measures, healthy lifestyle choices and spreading awareness about diseases.

Through Free Medical Outreach, we strive to leave a lasting positive footprint in the communities we serve. We believe that sustainable health changes can be achieved through direct assistance and education alike, making these communities stronger and healthier in the long run.

Join us on our journey to make a meaningful impact and contribute towards a healthier future for children who need it the most.

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Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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