Helpster coming to Asia

Helpster started its activity in the African countries, as in the regions where the problem of

healthcare for children is the most critical. Nigeria has a child mortality rate of 11.38%, that is the second highest in the world. Kenya does not provide ANY free healthcare to their citizens.

We are aware of the fact that many other regions suffer from the similar problem, and our team dreams of bringing Helpster to more countries.

South-East Asian countries have demonstrated significant progress in reducing child mortality over the last two decades, however, it is still a red zone.
Helpster Team has visited Cambodia, and Sri Lanka in the past months, and can state that the poorest and most marginalized families cannot afford medical bills to save their children.
In addition, the data system in some countries needs to be strengthened for better monitoring of child health programmes.

One-third of all children are stunted from poor nutrition. HIV remains high in specific populations, and East-Asian countries remain among the countries with the highest presence of tuberculosis, the unmeasured presence of malaria, typhoid, dengue, hernias, appendicitis, digestion conditions and many others.

We are now actively working on connecting with volunteers and hospitals in Cambodia and Sri Lanka in order to provide low-income families with an access to healthcare.

We hope to keep scaling after we estamblish our presence in these countries.

All our efforts are targeted at covering as much of the world as possible, and we hope you follow us in this journey. The best help you can offer us, besides donations — is spreading the word about Helpster. Let’s grow together 🖤