How we Revolutionize the Charity Sector

When Helpster started as an NGO, the idea was centered around creating a charity that would be more transparent and efficient than others. We have achieved this by developing a mobile app that provides donors with the most complete and detailed information on each child.

When donating to a child, users can see the child's identity, diagnosis, history, treatment plan, information about the hospital, and information about a volunteer who submitted the case to Helpster. This data is updated as the case is worked on.

At Helpster, we work on further improving communication between the child in need, the donors, the volunteers, and the hospitals. Everything is on display.

One future feature we plan to launch is live videos – the most direct way to connect actual or prospective donors with the child. Such live videos would be scheduled for a specific day and time, and users of the app would be able to see the child and their environment in real-time, with the possibility of interaction. This feature would allow for establishing an emotional connection between the donors and the children, making saving a life feel more real and meaningful.

The second feature we dream of launching is blockchain technology to show all our bank transactions to our users. That would bring us to a new level of transparency and simultaneously to a new level of trust with the donors.

Building trust is a crucial factor in attracting more people to the practice of regular donations to those in need, and thus increasing trust is our dream.

All those features are now in development, and we hope you’ll be able to try them out soon. Till then, let’s keep saving lives!