How Helpster works

Here is how Helpster works:
1.We sign agreements with volunteers and hospitals

When starting operating in a certain country, we find the volunteers who would be responsible for finding the children who need help, gathering and submitting children’s information to the Helpster platform, and following their treatment and recovery.

Sometimes, our volunteers are the health sector workers.

We sign agreements with the hospitals that have the governmental license, and which pass our verification checks.
2.Our volunteers find the kids who need help

Volunteers or hospital representatives meet those who require urgent medical help but can’t afford it. They check the child’s background to make sure that all the requirements are met and submit their data to the Helpster platform.
3.We gather money for the treatment

At this point, the child’s case appears on the screens of all the Helpster users, and they donate to cover the costs of the medical treatment.
4.We transfer the money to the hospital

Helpster transfers 95% of the funds raised directly to the hospital, and the child is being treated.
5.The child is treated and reintegrated into the community

After the treatment, we upload to our app all the reports from the hospital, as well as the photos/videos of a recovered child.

The volunteer follows the recovery of a child and their reintegration into the community.
6.We use 5% of the donations to cover transfer fees, pay salaries at Helpster, and sustain the infrastructure.

We keep less than most charities do. Usually, NGOs keep 20-80% of the donations for their sustaining. We, at Helpster, have decreased this fee to the minimum possible.
7.Helpster verifies all the incoming documents throughout. Thus, each case can be trusted.

Keep on saving lives with Helpster!