Who are Helpster volunteers? — Stephen

Stephen Ojeogwu is a health educator and a Helpster volunteer who lives in Kaduna with his wife and works with a leading health insurance company in Nigeria.

As a child, Stephen dreamt of becoming a medical doctor and taking care of sick people. Although he missed the opportunity to study medicine, he pursued health education, which gave him a chance to enter the health sector.

Stephen's deep empathy for sick people motivates him to use his presence in the world to help them recover faster or feel better. He believes that being sick can be one of the worst states ever, and it's important to provide support and care to those who need it.

Stephen became a Helpster volunteer after meeting Julia on LinkedIn. Since then, it has been an amazing journey, and Stephen has witnessed children walking into the hospital and coming out feeling better with Helpster's help.

"I don't like to see things not the way they should be. This ideology is evident in the way I interact with people, and I am apt to provide solutions to problems."

Stephen is involved in finding sick children whose parents don't have the financial resources to pay for treatment. He follows up on each child's case after treatment and ensures that they are well integrated back into the community.

"In the future, I would like to see Helpster reach more parts of the world, and I would be glad to use my experience to train new volunteers on how to deliver this special service to humanity exceptionally."